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Status: Under development FY 2013-14
Contact: rci-info@ucsd.edu

What Is It?

The RCI Design Team laid out a vision of data stored on central, reliable, and sustainable high-performance systems as a core component of UC San Diego's campus cyberinfrastructure, based on input from a UCSD community survey in 2008. In 2012-2013, RCI updated the campus requirements based on a series of interviews with faculty and staff from a diverse range of research domains. A set of production RCI Data Services (RDS) are being built under the RCI program to fulfill these needs.

We recognize high performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) as a high-priority need for campus researchers, and are currently establishing new production services and business models to cost-effectively deliver this to the RCI community. Specific services and costs will be announced as soon as they are submitted and approved by the campus recharge rate review committee.

RCI will follow the initial NAS service with additional data services based upon campus requirements. These services may include cloud storage for collaboration and sharing, backup services for data reliability, and other data life cycle management services.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the initial RCI Data Service–Network Attached Storage (RDS-NAS) is still under development, but our goal is to make this a cost-effective alternative to local storage solutions and commercial storage offerings. We anticipate that participants will contribute the hardware cost, with subsidy from RCI on the network and operating cost.

How Do I Get It?

RCI's RDS-NAS is currently under development. If you are a UC San Diego researcher interested in participation or want to join the discussion for development of current and future data services, please sign up on our mailing list (RDS-l@ucsd.edu). If you need storage services immediately, please follow the link to non-RCI solutions below.

We anticipate RCI production storage services will be available in FY13–14. Please contact us at Customer Inquiries for additional information.

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