There are several storage offerings available to UCSD users, and a number of vendor cloud storage services that may suit your needs. IDI staff can assist you in determining the right solution for your situation; email for an appointment or to discuss by email or telephone.

Campus-Endorsed Cloud Offerings Include:

Microsoft OneDrive

Maximum 1 terabyte (1TB)

All UCSD staff and faculty (including research staff) are eligible for a free OneDrive account which allows users to keep up to 1TB of files in the cloud.

Campus-Local Offerings Include:

SDSC Project Storage

Interactive & mounted filesystem over 1 terabye (1TB+)

For larger needs, SDSC’s Project Storage Service provides a network-based storage solution which offers CIFS/Samba and NFS mounting options. Examine options and pricing.

SDSC Cloud Storage

An object-based storage system with multiple interface methods (1 TB+)

For larger needs, SDSC’s Cloud Storage Service provides an object-based storage system designed to be easy to use for the average user, but to also provide a flexible, configurable, and expandable solution to meet the needs of more demanding applications. Dual-site redundancy is offered for secure, reliable storage. Examine options and pricing.

SDSC CommVault Backups

CommVault is a highly customizable backup system available to UCSD, members of the UC community, and UC affiliates. While CommVault excels as a backup solution for a group of several workstations, making it an excellent backup choice for collaborative research labs, CommVault also thrives in an enterprise backup role. Contact to find out more.

UCSD Library Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

A curated, searchable home for research data; IDI supports data sets of modest size

The UCSD Library DAMS is designed to hold curated research data for others to search and cite. It’s the ideal long-term home for data that accompanies a published paper, especially with growing funding agency requirements to make data public. Learn more about describing your data, obtaining permanent identifiers, selecting a repository, and depositing data, see the Library page on Data Curation: Sharing and Discovery.

UCSD Library Chronopolis

Long-term archival storage of data, fee-based

Chronopolis provides long-term archival storage of data, using active management processes and constant monitoring. It's been certified as a Trustworthy Digital Archive by a standards body, and is widely recognized as a leading organization in the digital preservation field. Find out more about digital preservation on the Library Digital Preservation page.

For more information or recommendations, contact