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  • San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Resources, Services & Expertise
  • UC San Diego Libraries
  • Office of Contract and Grant Administration
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography: There are a number of established data management efforts at SIO associated with existing long term and large scale, data-rich, research programs, including: ANZA Broadband Seismic Data Collection Center; California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI); Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP); Palmer LongTerm Ecological Research (PalLTER); California Current Ecosystem LongTerm Ecological Research (CCELTER); Realtime Observatories, Applications, and Date Management Network (ROADNet); Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS); and the cyberinfrastructure/data management component of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). In addition to these and other programs at Scripps, there are efforts underway to build out local  cyberinfrastructure in support of our scientific research, such as a regional server room, designed to consolidate a number of smaller, inefficient lab and departmental server rooms, complementing other regional server rooms across the UCSD campus. There are also institution-wide IT and Data/Information Management facilities currently under development. Through the collaboration of these various efforts, our goal is to provide easy, multi-level access to integrated, online resources, and to highlight the value of scientific research to our land-based, coastal and open-ocean communities. For more information, please contact Jerry Wanetick, Director IT, jwanetick@ucsd.edu.
  • Research Computing Services (RCS) provides essential computing services for research. Our services allow you to focus on the research at hand as opposed to diverting your attention to computing infrastructure or daily computing headaches. RCS provides a growing list of contracted services, including:

    1. General user support, managed desktop support, workstation rental/leasing
    2. Server management, cluster management, server hosting, support for specialized environments such as GPGPU and FPGA
    3. Data management services to comply with data stewardship requirements from federal funding agencies such as NSF
    4. Proposal preparation assistance to help ensure that all of your computing needs are covered (including data management plans)
    5. RCS is based in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the Jacobs School of Engineering. For more information, please contact Bill Young, bill@ucsd.edu.

Data Management Guidance

Data Repositories

Additional resources will be posted here as we become aware of them. Please send suggestions to dminor@ucsd.edu and sfranks@ucsd.edu.