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Data Center Colocation (Colo)

Status: In Production
Contact: idi-info@ucsd.edu

What Is It?

For researchers who choose to purchase their own IT equipment, IDI provides rack colocation services. The combined 19,000-square-foot, climate-controlled and secure datacenter is fully equipped with 13 megawatts of power, multi- and 10-gigabit network connectivity, and a 24/7/365 operations staff.

The service was designed in partnership with representation from several UC campuses and the UC Office of the President. Colocation is available now to researchers from any campus.

Subsidized services available through IDI include:

  • Standard 42U four-post rack with ISO-Base seismic protection, hot/cold aisle containment, and 2x30A (~10 kW @ 208v) power distribution.
  • 10+ Gb networking fabric connectivity both throughout the aggregation fabric and into CENIC.
  • 24/7/365 operations staff providing facility oversight and "remote hands" hardware assistance.

How Much Does It Cost?

UC San Diego currently subsidizes 61% of rack-space costs for its researchers.

Rack Rates

IDI-Subsidized Rack:

$2500/Rack-Year or ~$70/Rack Unit-Year

Unsubsidized Rack:


Federal Rack:


Network Rates

For UCSD colocation customers, some or all of the network charges could be covered by the NGN program. 
All requests are reviewed for coverage prior to moving to the data center.

Network Rates for non-NGN Users

1Gb Connection


10Gb Connection (customer provides equipment optic(s))


Edge Router Connection


Other Services

UPS Power

$192/kW-Year or ~$53/Rack Unit-Year

Generator (includes UPS):

$374/kW-Year or ~$104/Rack Unit–Year

Reserved Rack:

$940/Rack-Year or ~$26/Rack Unit-Year

Secure Rack (required for PHI/PII customers):


How Do I Get It?

For more detailed facility and service information visit SDSC’s colocation website, or contact services@sdsc.edu.

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